Emendo Ltd.

Going to the sauna and wellbeing are things close to our hearts. Therefore, with the help of our products, we want to offer enjoyment and relaxation.

We develop products that make it possible to break away from the busy everyday life and enjoy relaxing moments, both in- and outside the sauna, instead.

Finnish company focused on sauna and wellness products.

Emendo Ltd. is a Finnish company focused on sauna and wellness products.

Something we find important is to develop new and interesting products from natural raw materials. Our sauna products have been on the market for over two decades and have become famous for the birch leaves on the packaging. In sauna products, we are a market leader in Finland. From the wellness range, among others, the Himalaya line and the lovely wheat cushions have become favourites.

In our business, we find thorough knowledge of raw materials, careful quality control and natural options as important factors. In our products we use as much as possible genuine 100% essential oils and are constantly exploring new possibilities to use ever more renewable, recycled and recyclable materials.

In Finland, our products are available in grocery stores, low-priced stores, department stores, natural food stores and pharmacies.

We are a member of Finland’s Packaging Recycling RINKI Ltd.

Emendo Ltd. is also owner of the sauna brand Kolo Sauna.


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