Emendo Ltd.

Going to the sauna and wellbeing are things close to our hearts. Therefore, with the help of our products, we want to offer enjoyment and relaxation.

We develop products that make it possible to break away from the busy everyday life and enjoy relaxing moments, both in- and outside the sauna, instead.

Finnish company focused on sauna and wellness products

Emendo is a Finnish sauna and wellness company. We were established in 1986 and have been offering high-quality products that promote well-being ever since. Our current product range includes a wide selection of sauna and wellness products.


In the sauna product category, we develop and market products under two different brands, Emendo and KOLO Sauna. You can explore the KOLO range of products at www.kolosauna.fi.


Emendo is derived from Latin and means “to heal.” Our logo describes both a drop of essential oil and plant leaves. With this, we aim to convey the naturalness of our products, and it is important for us to develop both our existing and new products responsibly and naturally:


  • We develop products from natural ingredients and use genuine 100% essential oils in our products.
  • All our sauna scents, sauna honey, facial and body care products, as well as foot care products, are manufactured in Finland.
  • Our sauna textiles and wheat pillows meet the requirements of OEKO-TEX, BCI and European Flax certifications. We use a composition of 60% linen and 40% cotton, which feels pleasant on the skin and makes the products durable and long-lasting.
  • We continuously increase the use of renewable and recycled materials in our products and packaging. The majority of our packaging’s wood-based material is FSC-certified.


Our products are available in various stores throughout Finland and abroad, including supermarkets, discount stores, department stores, natural product stores and pharmacies.


We are a member of the Finnish packaging recycling company RINKI Oy.


We wish everyone enjoyable sauna and wellness moments!

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