Wheat cushion

Wheat cushion in beautiful carton package. A warmed up wheat cushion is an easy to use and natural help for tense shoulders and other muscles. Warm the wheat cushion a few minutes in a microwave or in an oven, place on the sore spot and relax. Can also be used cold. A stylish package of well-being to give to yourself or as a gift!


Heating in a microwave: Check that the microwave is clean. Heat the pillow for 3,5 min (power under 500W), 3 min (500-750W), or 2,5 min (more than 750W). Place a glass of water half filled with cold water in the microwave for the duration of heating. Make sure that the pillow can rotate freely in the microwave throughout the heating and that it cannot touch the walls of the microwave.


Heating in a conventional oven: Wrap the pillow in aluminium foil and heat it in 90 to 110 °C (194 to 230 °F) for about 30 minutes.

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